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School Safety/Virtual Readiness Day December 12, 2022

School Safety/Virtual Day Info
Monday, December 12
Students will not attend school in person on Monday December 12 during a planned School Safety Day. TN Highway Patrol will lead training for teachers and staff. Emergency response agencies will participate and school safety plans will be reviewed.
Students will get information from schools this week on how to participate in a virtual learning readiness drill from home on that day. Please have your child participate if possible.
Online activities for students will be short assignments, tasks, or surveys for each grade level or class in order to determine the level of access students have to the internet and devices away from school, and if they are able to submit work in the case that remote/virtual learning is necessary in the future.
Parents nor students should stress if they do not have online access or are not able to submit an assignment. We will work with students on this and it will not count against students in any way.
The state now requires a remote learning drill each year and allows up to 2 virtual days per semester in the case of excessive snow days, sickness, or other approved purposes. These days would not have to be made up. The level of student access and ability to participate will inform planning and this serve as the required drill.
Thank you for your support and understanding. Contact your child's school directly if you have questions after information is sent out.
School Safety and Virtual Readiness announcement

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